Makilee has 8 years experience in designing exclusive commercial interiors.  We work in the hospitality and entertainment industry designing bars, clubs and VIP rooms.  To date, we have designed over 30 venues and won 6 industry awards.

In 2005 we created Makilee Stadium a unique concept for the interiors of Stadium Executive Boxes.  Working directly with a stadium’s hospitality team we design bespoke furniture upgrades specifically for the stadium’s Executive Boxes.

Makilee’s designs transform the Executive Box into a stylish, personalised environment aligned to the hospitality requirements of the Box Holder.

We launched this service at Wembley Stadium in 2006 and at Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium in 2008.  Makilee provides all aspects of the service - we design, market, manufacture and install the furniture into the Executive Boxes.



Unique Design for Exclusive Spaces

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